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Privacy Policy and protection

Protection of personal data has the highest priority to Feriae Group. Because your privacy is important to us, we operate under the following regulations: The mediation order is fulfilled regarding the relevant data protection regulations. We inform you explicitly if we need information, that identifies you personally (personal data). In order to fulfill your mediation order, your personal data is collected, saved and passed on. If necessary for the fulfillment of your order, we put your personal data at the disposal of third party service providers (e.g., airlines, tour operators etc.). If selected within the registration process you will furthermore be informed about current offers from Feria Group or third parties. Feria Group reserves the right to select third parties carefully in order to make information about these companies available for you. If you don’t want any further offers from Feria Group on behalf of third parties or from Feriae Group itself, please let us know. If you are at any time of the opinion, that Feria Group is not operating according to these principles, please let us know via e-mail under info@feriae.eu. We will contact you immediately and will undertake all economically adequate efforts to assert and remedy the problem as soon as possible. USAGE OF WEBSITE / REGISTRATION

This website is dedicated for your personal and non-commercial usage. You are not allowed to modify, copy, distribute, transfer, expose, demonstrate, duplicate, publish, license, produce deduced copies or sell the information, software, products or services you receive by means of this website. You are not allowed to use this website in such a way that you thereby violate effective law of Europe or these general terms and conditions. Every customer needs to fill in the data asked for in the registration form before booking. Only unlimited contractually capable natural persons above 18 years of age, juridical persons or trading companies are allowed to register. There is no legal right to admission to participation in a potential online booking process. Feriae Group is authorized to deny allowance without giving reasons or revoke a given allowance without giving reasons. This especially occurs, if the customer gives false information within the registration, the customer breaches the general terms and conditions repeatedly or if improper behavior can be assumed. Feriae Group is basically not allowed to revoke registration without adequate notice in advance – only if there is danger ahead. By retraction of the registration, the customer affected has no claims against Feriae Group. Contracts concluded before the retractions of the registration remain unaffected, booking requests already submitted lose their validity with the retraction. The customer will be notified of the retraction in written or via e-Mail. Every customer can withdraw his registration any time in written form. Existing obligations from already concluded contracts hereby remain unaffected. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY

Feriae Group undertakes adequate efforts to check the information published within this website on correctness Feriea Group does not guarantee that the information is accurate. The information, software, and services published on this website may be imprecise. The information presented here is continually updated. Feriea Group and/or its affiliate companies can undertake modifications of this website at any time. Neither Feriea Group nor its affiliated companies do issue any guarantee or warranty concerning the eligibility of the information, software, products, and services of the website for any purpose. Liability of Feriea Group and/or its affiliate companies is restricted to intention and culpable negligence unless fundamental contractually obligations are breached or warranted features are missing. Liability without fault hereby remains unaffected. In case of a slight fault, Feriea Group and/or its affiliate companies are only liable for typical or predictable defects that arise the customer in combination with the usage of this website. This does also apply if possibilities of defects have been indicated to Feriea Group or one of its affiliate companies beforehand. Liability of Feriea Group and/or its affiliate companies is limited for each individual case to the maximum amount of each commercial transaction, leading to the claim. LINKS ON WEBSITES OF THIRD PARTIES

Hyperlinks on the Feriea Group website are only placed at your disposal as hints. Feriea Group is not checking these websites and is not responsible for their content. The inclusion of hyperlinks of such websites on the part of Feriea Group does not imply approval of the material on such websites nor a connection to their operators. SOFTWARE AVAILABLE ON THIS WEBSITE


The usage of this website is granted to users on condition of acceptance of the following regulations. Users that do not accept the following conditions are not allowed to use this website.



Should one of the protrusive regulations be ineffective or become ineffective, the other regulations remain effective anyhow. The effectiveness of this contract as a whole remains unaffected. The ineffectiveness of the mediated travel contract does not affect the mediation contract. Breach of contract or sound suspicion of breach entitles Feriea Group to exclude the respective customer from the usage of this website and/or services, as soon as the transacted bookings are concluded. This contract demonstrates the whole agreement between you and Feriea Group concerning this website and replaces all previously or simultaneously related notifications or proposals, either electronically, verbally or in written form between you and Feriea Group. The traveler may only take the mediator of the journey to court at the mediator’s principal place of business. For proceedings instituted by the mediator of the journey against the traveller, the latter’s place of residence is relevant, unless proceedings are instituted against merchants or persons who don’t have a general court of jurisdiction in the home country, or persons who have transferred their domicile or usual place of residence abroad after the conclusion of the contract, or whose domicile or usual place of residence is not known at the time of the institution of proceedings. In these cases, the local first-instance court of the mediator’s seat is relevant.

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