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Houses on the Adriatic Sea

As a small promotional entrepreneur you cannot have enough houses to offer you all. To solve this, we went looking for a collaboration where the guest is still completely central. As a result, we now have so many houses in our range, so that we have something to find for everyone. From studio to apartment, from house to villa. You can find it all on the link below.

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Cruises over the Adriatic Sea

Your holiday can not be only on land. Therefor we also offer cruises over the Adriatc Sea. Possibilities to hop on and hop of or make an Island tour of 7 days. In our portofolio we have vessels can accommodate from 16-36/40 passengers.

For every kind of person we offer different trips: Like Family, Single, Naturist, Gay, or young and fun. With activities like , wine, Gourmet, Rhapsody, Active, Yoga of Harmony.

You can find your cruise here

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This portal is part of the Feriae Group. We promote houses arround the world. Houses of privat houseowners want to give you all the oppertunity to use this accomodation with these nice prices. You can also find our houses on the big (names) rental portals. If you are a house owner and also want to let us promote your house without any contractual obligations then you must read on

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