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Enter the forest

Planinarsky cathedral Zeleni Vir

Fantastic walking location with several waterfalls. A large nature park that can be visited warm and inferior days. My favorite is the weather. This is because then the wild waterfalls drag tree stumps through the narrow waterways. They also give this cliff the name devil's cliff. Here too you will find idyllic places to have a picnic or just sit and relax. The Restaurant is not always open out of season but as soon as the wild fruits can be picked it is also on the menu there
mushrooms in the forest

Don't feel like doing the whole trip (behind the restaurant in it) and yes, just go left for the restaurant. cross the bridge. then you will be ready in no time and you will see it in an hour. The building that you see here is the 1st hydroelectric power station in Croatia that is still being used actively.
1st hydroelectric power station

TIP !: Bring enough drink with you on the long route

Velini sir or devil's cliff can be found via this link
River in Zelini Vir

visit an old movie set

Did you know that many films have been recorded here. And that this already started in the 40s. Winnetou is also partly included here in the area.
cowboy village

Cowboy Village Roswell Fužine gave the director so much satisfaction that several versions have even been recorded here in the area. In this village children can go horse riding, archery, gun shooting, throwing lasso and much more. This area is fantastic again for a picnic that we ourselves also did at the cowboy park wherever the occasion is. While enjoying a cowboy coffee that was freshly made on the campfire, we enjoyed a wonderful meal here and will be doing it again soon.

Drive to the cowboy village via this link

equally delicious food and cheap?

Do you want to complete the day super and is it perhaps too hot to drive home? Then drive back to the highway and do not go onto it but continue to Fužine before you enter the nice village you can eat delicious pizza at ridiculously low prices on the dike. Now that we have been living here for several years, we have not yet eaten such a delicious pizza in Croatia. So much taste and so well stocked. Highly recommended.

Drive to the pizzeria via this link

If you drive further into the village you can of course also find delicious restaurants with unknown local talents in the kitchen.
the place fuzine

This location clearly indicates the difference between the tourist cuisine and the local cuisine. Do you still feel like a swim? then drive further into the village and enjoy the large swimming lake :)

Lots of fun.... :)

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