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Waterfalls of Istria


Waterfalls of Istria

Are there any waterfalls in Istria? Hell yes... And certainly in a varying landscape such as Istria. if I had to count them out of my head then I would come to about 6 where I could drive to. But I even think there are many more. because a stream flows from every mountain. Such as, for example, if you take the Ucka in a row before the tunnel towards Rijeka, you will also come across a water source halfway. A water source with a taste like you have never tasted. If you have drunk this once, you will find a taste to every water in the bottle or tap. [Here you can find Voda Josipa 2] (https://goo.gl/maps/Jt8WPuZdAkmdtp189) because this number 2 should still be one but I have not found it yet.

Did you know that old people come to Istria to get water from certain sources? This is because the water is so natural and healthy

Let's start with the most famous waterfall that I have already mentioned in another blog:


I just wrote about this on this blog>The waterfall of Kotli. A very old environment where walking is really worth it. A very nice restaurant where you can eat and drink. But also a place to just have your own drink or food.
Kotli Waterfall

Zarecki Krov Waterfall (Pazin)

Pazin waterfall. This is quite a big waterfall and also so big that you can jump off it. A water polo competition is also held periodically at this waterfall. there is even a cord dancer during this local holiday. Also mountain climbers are often present here because y...

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Primorje-Gorski Kotar County


Enter the forest

Planinarsky cathedral Zeleni Vir

Fantastic walking location with several waterfalls. A large nature park that can be visited warm and inferior days. My favorite is the weather. This is because then the wild waterfalls drag tree stumps through the narrow waterways. They also give this cliff the name devil's cliff. Here too you will find idyllic places to have a picnic or just sit and relax. The Restaurant is not always open out of season but as soon as the wild fruits can be picked it is also on the menu there
mushrooms in the forest

Don't feel like doing the whole trip (behind the restaurant in it) and yes, just go left for the restaurant. cross the bridge. then you will be ready in no time and you will see it in an hour. The building that you see here is the 1st hydroelectric power station in Croatia that is still being used actively.
1st hydroelectric power station

TIP !: Bring enough drink with you on the long route

Velini sir or devil's cliff can be found via this link
River in Zelini Vir

visit an old movie set

Did you know that many films have been recorded here. And that this already started in the 40s. Winnetou is also partly included here in the area.
cowboy village

Cowboy Village Roswell Fužine gave the director so much satisfaction that several versions have even been recorded here in the area. In this village children can go horse riding, archery, gun shooting, throwing lasso and much more. This area is fantastic again for a picnic that we ourselves also did at the cowboy park wherever the occasio...

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